We’re ready to sell our house, but we think we need to make some repairs first: What should we do first?

Hello, Home Sellers! This is Excellent News!! The very first thing to do is contact us to make an appointment for us to visit your house right away.

We will visit your house and if deemed needed, can assist with planning repairs and improvements. We know it can be overwhelming trying to determine what needs to be done and what is acceptable for the market. We’ll work with you to determine just what repairs and improvements are feasible to do by reviewing the three main options for selling: 1) You could sell as-is. By doing just the bare minimum to prepare to list, you could save time and headaches, 2) You could do it all. Fixing/Improving everything in your home so your home will sell top-of-market – we’re talking about things like adding new cabinets and quartz counters and new flooring, paint, windows and/or roof or 3) Fix just the items that, if not fixed, could potentially prevent a sale. These include items that bring the home from a cash-only sale to being financeable. Every situation is unique and we’re here to help guide you on how to best prepare your home to sell at the very highest price that it can!

Wilcox Real Estate’s Professional Full-Time Real Estate Brokers are expert Listing Brokers. From 2016-2021, we listed and sold over 300 homes and properties! We work with Single Family Homes, Multi Family Homes, Vacant Land, Short Plats, Vacant Lots, Manufactured Housing, New Construction, Condominiums, RV and Vacation Properties and more!

We offer Sellers a unique listing strategy to create excitement and urgency with Buyers, resulting in quick sales. We utilize the NWMLS, internet marketing, social media, Open Houses, professional photography and more! We stay on top of market and industry changes and understand how to price homes to get you top dollar in the least amount of time. We’re expert negotiators, often work with multiple offers and we are attentive transaction coordinators.

At Wilcox Real Estate, it’s our mission is to provide our Buyers and Sellers with the very best Real Estate Experience through consistent communication and transactional excellence. For personalized service to sell your current home or property, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 253-256-1721. We are so excited to work with you!

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