Going into Mortgage Foreclosure?

Are you going into Foreclosure? Here's why you should sell your home when you’re going into mortgage foreclosure:

Hello, Home Sellers! We know that at times, life just doesn’t go as you planned or thought it would. Job losses, relationship changes, sudden unexpected expenses… all of that can throw you off track. If you’ve missed payments on your mortgage and are now facing mortgage foreclosure, please know that you’re not alone. We are here to help you. We believe it’s generally better to sell your home than to let the foreclosure process proceed to completion and these are our top reasons why:

  1. To Avoid Foreclosure: This is our number one reason: Avoiding Foreclosure is absolutely the first reason to sell your home before the Foreclosure can happen. Missed mortgage payments and ultimately falling into Foreclosure will have a significant negative impact on your credit score, making it difficult to obtain any type of credit in the future. It could also affect your ability to qualify for an apartment, vehicle loan and other financing options you may need in the near future. By selling your home now, you will avoid foreclosure and minimize the damage to your credit.
  2. To Preserve your Equity: You likely have more equity than you think! Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your property to find out how much equity you have. Remember, selling your home before foreclosure will allow you to preserve any equity you may have in the property. Don’t lose your hard-earned dollars!
  3. To Control the Sale: By selling your home before foreclosure, you have more control over the sale process. You can choose the price, the timing, and the terms of the sale, rather than leaving those decisions up to the foreclosure process. Listing your home for sale puts you in the driver’s seat. Let us show you how to retain control of the situation!
  4. To Avoid Costly Legal Fees: Foreclosure can be a complex and lengthy process that involves unknown amounts of legal fees and expenses. Take control, list your home for sale and avoid attorney’s fees!
  5. To Move on with Your Life: This is most Seller’s number one reason to sell. The property that was supposed to bring joy is now only bringing you stress and sleepless nights. Selling your property before foreclosure allows you to move on with your life quicker. You’ve likely missed payments on your property and will need to rebuild your credit – selling quickly will avoid further missed payments and those dings on your credit that no one likes and allow you a faster resolution to rebuild your credit and resolve stress and uncertainty.

Some people choose to retain their home, make up the missed payments and/or payoff the judgement against the property and are able to avoid foreclosure that way - if you’re able to do that, that’s fantastic! For those who are unable to do this, we hope this information has been helpful! Please remember that every situation is different, and it's important to consult with your financial advisor, attorney, or one of our trusted real estate professionals before making any decisions.

At Wilcox Real Estate, our mission is to provide our Sellers with the very best Real Estate Experience through consistent communication and transactional excellence. For personalized service to sell your current home or property, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 253-256-1721. We are so excited to work with you!

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