For Real Estate Brokers: How is Wilcox Real Estate Different from other Brokerages?

For Real Estate Brokers: 
How is Wilcox Real Estate Different from other Brokerages?

Hello, fellow Real Estate Broker! Great Question! Wilcox Real Estate is a truly Local Brokerage. Founded right here in the State of Washington, we are hyper-focused on only one thing: Washington Real Estate. We don’t have shareholders or an out-of-state management group making decisions on how our - or your - business is run. That allows us to concentrate solely on the Real Estate Market in our own home state.

Wilcox Real Estate believes that the Real Estate Brokerage Model is currently shifting and the environment is being redesigned.  In the next several years, we believe that the Real Estate Brokerage Model will mainly consist of either really small or really big Brokerage companies. The really big model is great for beginner Brokers and/or those that thrive in an office environment. The really small model, which we adhere to, is designed for Brokers who want more freedom and independence and don’t need to work in an office environment to be successful. 

We are a virtual brokerage and have a successful paperless work flow system. Our transaction management software goes anywhere you go, allowing you to remain consistently on top of your open transactions so that you don’t miss important tasks and deadlines. Our Website offers CRM capabilities to allow you access to your entire client database wherever you’re working – whether the comfort of your home or while on vacation. Taking a Vacation and staying on track of your work flow is easy! Our Assumed Name Program allows you to work the way you want to work – allowing you to market your own brand vs. the ‘mega brand’. And the icing on the cake? Our Fees are Low. And while we are NOT a "discount brokerage", we don't charge a 'Split'. We don't have to "profit-share" with you, if we don't take your profit from you in the first place! 

To claim your independence, to increase focus on your own business,  and for more details, please schedule a confidential appointment with Charles Wilcox, Designated Broker. 

Please contact Charles Wilcox at [email protected] or call Charles directly, at 253-973-2096. We are so excited to speak with you!

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